Join us on a transformative journey of education and empowerment as we embark on a motorbike ride awareness campaign, riding from Bangalore to Umling La, the world’s highest motorable pass. At Twin Glacier Foundation, we are deeply committed to the cause of “Saving Government Schools of Karnataka.” Our video showcases the challenges faced by government schools, including the lack of basic facilities such as drinking water, toilets, and leaking roofs, resulting in a decline in student strength. However, we are not simply highlighting the problems; we have a clear and ambitious plan to address them. Our team is determined to visit at least 5 schools in each district of Karnataka, conducting thorough condition assessments and creating priority-based reports. But we don’t want to do this alone; we need your support! We call upon corporates, alumni students, volunteers, and concerned individuals to join hands and understand the significance of education in shaping a brighter future for our youth and nation. With the generous support of honorable Anekal Taluk Assembly MLA – B. Shivanna Sir, who initiated this ride awareness campaign, we are grateful for the backing we have received on this noble cause. Education is the cornerstone of progress, and by partnering with Twin Glacier Foundation, you become a catalyst for change. Together, let’s ensure that every child in Karnataka has access to a quality education and the opportunity to thrive. Join our movement, explore our initiatives, and be part of the positive change we are creating. Together, we can build a better tomorrow for the youth who are the future of our nation. #oneschoolatatime. #TGF #daksh