Nallurhalli lake

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

This is a 37 acres of lake area. This comes under BBMP authority zone. Shajimon working along with an NGO (SayTrees Environmental Trust) started the rejuvenation works by April 2020. The lake was filled with weed plants, contaminated water and less water holding capacity.

During the rejuvenation: De-watering, De-silting, lake bed deepening, lake bund formation and Stone revetment for the bund. Later on, they have placed Concrete Kerb stones for walking track. In-let and Out-let pipes have been an engineering speciality. To avoid further silt accumulation in the lake bed, BBMP engineers and the NGO representatives jointly worked to construct concrete structures at the junctions. Wet-land is created to absorb all the mild contaminated water entering the lake where in water purification plants are placed for purification.

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Nallurhalli lake Location