Bommasandra (Kithiganahalli) Lake

Kithaganahalli, Bommasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562106

Nestled in Bommasandra (Kithiganahalli) of Bangalore City, lies a sprawling 27-acre lake that has garnered much attention for the decades-long dumping of legacy waste, leading to frequent fire hazards and contaminated water from the untreated drainage inflow.

In a concerted effort to address this pressing issue, the Bommasandra Industrial Association (BIA) under the stewardship of Mr. Prasad engaged Associate Builders, spearheaded by the capable leadership of Shajeeb and Shamsudeen, to take charge of the project. The initiative was launched on October 19th, 2020, and divided into several phases.

These included the segregation of legacy waste and the transportation of recyclable materials to recycling plants, followed by the critical de-watering and de-silting of the lake. The team also undertook the formation of external bunds, development of walkways, provision of fencing and street lights, installation of stone revetment for the bunds, and turfing to prevent soil erosion. Additionally, metal fencing with gate entries and security personnel were put in place, along with sedimentation tanks and silt traps at all the inlets of the lake.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of these passionate volunteers, the project has delivered a remarkable impact. In recognition of their hard work, the team has been hailed as the most capable volunteers to have taken on this challenging project.

With the successful completion of this rejuvenation drive, the BIA and Associate Builders have exciting plans for further beautification and development of the lake. This project serves as a powerful example of the positive impact that can be achieved when communities work together towards a shared vision of sustainability and progress.

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